With the first day of spring only a few weeks away, many of us will be starting to get ready for our annual spring clean— the time of year where we dust off our feather dusters and give our homes and everything in it an intensive clean.

Spring cleaning your home can seem quite intimidating to begin with, but it’s actually really simple when you break the process down into some simple steps - and rope in some help. Here’s a simple guide to help you when you’re embarking on you’re own spring cleaning routine:

1. Make a list

It might not be the most exciting of tasks, but making a list of exactly what you need to clean— and resources — in your house, room by room is an excellent way to stay focused whilst cleaning.

By coming up with a clear plan before you start, make sure that you can gather all the appropriate equipment in time and ensure that you don’t miss any spots— after all, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to go back and clean areas that you’d completely forgotten about.

2. Collect all the cleaning equipment you need

Once you’ve come up with a plan, you need to gather the tools to do the job: cleaning products. Scouring pads, cloths and rags are essential when it comes to deep-cleaning a home, as are a good number of high quality, anti-bacterial cleaning sprays.

You might like to consider getting specialist sprays for each room, depending on your cleaning requirements for each room. For instance, if you have a lot of grease stains in your kitchen, a good grease remover will save you a lot of work. Likewise, if you have a mould problem in your bathroom, an anti-mould cleaning spray might help to combat the problem. Thinking carefully about what items you need can help to improve the thoroughness of your clean and stop you having to run out to the shop every five minutes!

3. Get rid of unwanted items and declutter

A spring cleaning session is a good excuse to get rid of items that are no longer needed in your home, or that you feel are simply cluttering up the place. Decluttering can not only make your home look cleaner and simpler, it can also help to improve your own wellbeing, as suggested by several studies.

4. Clean like there’s no tomorrow!

List: written. Cleaning equipment: gathered. You’re ready to go! Work methodically, room by room and start in a disciplined clockwise direction in each room so that you don’t miss any places— you don’t want to have to come back and clean areas that you thought you’d already tackled previously! Everyone big and small in the household should have an attributed task proportionate to their abilities, cleaning is something we should all do for the sake of our well being.

5. Remember to wash those awkward items too

Spring cleaning is an ideal time to wash those particularly awkward, bulky items that you often only wash a couple of times a year— like curtains, mattress toppers or duvets. Obviously, your ordinary washing machine might struggle to cope with so much, so visit a laundrette like Thirty Degrees! We can take the hassle out of cleaning these larger items and save you a lot of time and effort in the process.

Visited the laundry today to get duvets and bedding washed after a spell of illness.Not a regular visitor so wasn't sure what I was doing, however the lady working (Avril I think) was excellent and kept me right. Tha.png Don’t want to have to tackle that mountain of spring clean washing alone? Thirty Degrees can help! We’re an experienced launderette based in Stirling and Inverness, with a reputation for fast turnarounds, competitive rates and sparkling whites! Feel free to contact our friendly team today for more information.

Posted on Jul 04, 2019